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I started creating and hosting websites in 1996. (Where does the time go lol). One of my major projects from that era was a partnership in the creation of 'Dalton Online', one of the first community websites in the country (for the town of Dalton-in-Furness), which was visited not only by locals but also by people from all over the world.

During this time it wasn't easy persuading businesses that websites were the way forward. In those days the internet was viewed with a high degree of suspicion lol.

But after working independently for some time, I got involved with a great guy called Colin Garnett and together we created a web design company called Red Abbey Ltd. At the time we were based in Chapel St, Dalton, next to Bernie's Gym. This was around 2004.

On the right is a montage of some websites I was involved with during this time. They include such names as: The Laural & Hardy Museum, Dalton Online, Barrow Sports Council, The Cavendish Arms, Dowdales Performing Arts, The Full Octave, Furness Fans, Lakes End Guest House and The Loft. So many memories.

Since those days I have always 'kept my hand in' and hosted a select few websites, focusing on small or home businesses, and now with a new name (Inka Designs) I have decided to devote more of my time to continue this passion of mine!


Weren't Websites Colourful Back in the Day
Some of my Websites Back in the Day

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Inka Designs are totally committed to protecting the privacy of our site visitors and clients.

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When we receive an email or txt message or phone call or voice message from you, we will keep the content (including the sender and the senders number /  email address) confidential. We will only keep your communication (or record of it) for the minimum length of time necessary, after which, it will be permanently deleted. If for some reason you would like your communication details deleted before this time please contact us and we will do so. Emails are relayed via 1&1, who also have a privacy policy in place as to the security and confidentiality of personal data.

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General: In order to build your website we need to gather information about you / your business. The vast majority of this information will be of a non confidential nature and will be intended to be displayed on your website and put in the public domain.
Depending on the nature and content of your website (Online Shop, Links & Feeds to Instagram or Facebook etc) we will need to acquire some confidential details such as passwords to relevant online services eg: Paypal, Instagram, Facebook, Payment Service Providers. Anything as such will be discussed with you at the appropriate time in development. Any confidential information given to us will not be stored by us and will be treated in the utmost confidentiality. Any general concerns you may have regarding your data, will be addressed and dealt with. No confidential data will be stored beyond the period necessary to develop your website.

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